It’s been a season of change for Pennington Williams, so we wanted to update all of our clients on what’s been happening and tell you about some of our plans for the future.
At the end of the summer this year, former partner David Hunter retired, and we’d like to take another opportunity to wish him all the best with his retirement.

At this point, Lisa Taylor became the sole director of Pennington Williams Limited, so the whole team have since been focused on ensuring that all of our existing and new clients receive the same high levels of service and expert advice that we’re very proud of delivering consistently over the years.
We have a new website that we have designed specifically to be easy to use and to offer useful information to those who need it, to help them navigate these challenging times.

We understand that the next few months and onwards are going to be very tough for many businesses, with both national and global situations influencing the current and future economic circumstances across every sector. Our focus will remain on helping clients to interpret and understand their figures and providing crucial advice, which will enable them to make more informed and timely decisions in this ever changing economic environment.

Our specialist team can provide advice on various current issues that businesses are experiencing, from ways to increase turnover whilst remaining competitive and methods to minimise ever-increasing costs, to funding options and tax planning to help control the future tax payable. All of these services will help clients during this period of financial crisis we find ourselves in.

If you’re taking financial advice, it needs to come from a trusted source because you need to be sure that both the figures and advice received are accurate and reliable. We want all of our clients to feel comfortable with the advice they receive from us and always encourage you to ask any questions if you need extra information or clarity. No question is a wrong question. We are here to help and provide you with the information you need to make the best decisions you can for you and your business’s future.
If you would like any financial advice to support your business at this time, we’d be happy to help. Please get in touch with us to find out more.

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