Petrol v Diesel

As Britain is sued by the European Commission for breaching pollution limits, drivers of diesel motor vehicles are warned that they face higher costs.

More than 10 million motorists who were “misled” into buying diesel cars are now being cautioned about rising costs as the European Union puts pressure on Britain to cut air pollution levels.

As stated by The AA, we were told to buy diesel as petrol cars were too polluting and now those who listened are potentially about to lose up to 50% of the resale value of that vehicle! And, we are being made to feel guilty for something we were encouraged to do.

For more than a decade, motorists buying diesel card have enjoyed tax breaks because the cars produce lower levels of carbon dioxide and are more fuel efficient. Over this period, the number of diesel cars on Britain’s road has risen from 1.6 million to more than 11 million and account for a third of vehicles. However, diesel vehicles produce high levels of nitrogen dioxide, which can lead to respiratory disease and has been linked to 7,000 deaths per year.

So why when we buy a new car are we provided with lots of information regarding its CO2 emissions and nothing in respect to the pollutants it emits?

Maybe it would be helpful if when buying a vehicle we had all the facts regarding the emissions and that the environmental goalposts didn’t keep moving! 🙂


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