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Pennington Williams Walters Kluwer Reporting Auditors


PW are Registered Auditors, regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. Audits can be either required by law or by a company’s shareholders.

If any of the following categories apply to your business, PW can provide audit or assurance reports to suit your requirements:

  • Private limited company
  • Bank assurance for lending agreements
  • Solicitors.  (SRA Rules reports)
  • Pension scheme
  • Co-operative and community benefit societies

Audits are not only formal reports but also provide valuable assurance for you as business owners. Information gained during an audit is reported to management, which can help to improve systems and so the performance of your business.

Pennington Williams is registered to carry on work in the UK and Ireland by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. Details about our audit registration can be viewed at for the UK and for Ireland, under reference number C002661159 for the UK and EWC002661159 for Ireland.

Audit services are regulated, and the audit regulations and guidance can be found at and The international standards on auditing (UK and Ireland) can be found

If you require any form of assurance report, call PW to arrange a meeting

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