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SMEs Urged

A study by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) has found that four out of five small businesses have unqualified staff managing their finances. SMEs are losing around £15,000 a year on average because of poor financial management, the ATT said, and were only seeking professional support two years after starting up. Adam Harper, director […]

HMRC advice ‘out of date’- April 2018

The Telegraph has recently warned that parents, pensioners and home buyers are being “failed” by official calculators and guidance issued by HMRC. The paper uncovered several cases where guidance remains months out of date and calculators provide ambiguous or misleading information. Tax experts have said the errors expose the strain HMRC is under in the […]

Apprenticeships – Pros & Cons

So you think taking on an apprentice is a cheap and easy way of obtaining new fresh blood for your business, especially with the option of getting a grant towards the cost? Not necessarily… Taking on an apprentice can be an appealing option, especially to small companies who may need some young blood injected into […]

Credit Management

Late payment is a major problem for a lot of small businesses, resulting in increased costs, reduced capital spending and supplies going out of business. Survey findings published by UK energy supplier Npower showed that despite 57% of businesses putting in place strict payment terms, may still feel that not enough pressure is being placed […]

Cash – Is it still relevant?

With only 18% of transactions in the UK being paid for in cash, is the bank note becoming a thing of the past? When was the last time you took cash out of the cash machine? How long does it last? What do you spend it on? In today’s society, especially with new technologies such […]

Tackling the issue of productivity – but how bad is it?

Productivity – a measure of how much is produced by every worker. It is supposed to show how efficient we are as a nation. But according to official statistics, it takes a worker in Britain 5 days to do what a worker in France does in 4. So how do we measure productivity and why […]

Petrol v Diesel

As Britain is sued by the European Commission for breaching pollution limits, drivers of diesel motor vehicles are warned that they face higher costs. More than 10 million motorists who were “misled” into buying diesel cars are now being cautioned about rising costs as the European Union puts pressure on Britain to cut air pollution […]

Changes to the taxation of dividends

As previously announced, from 6 April 2016 there will be fundamental changes to the way that dividends are taxed. A common strategy that we often advise to family company directors/shareholders is that they extract profits from their company by way of dividends, after paying themselves a salary up to the threshold where employees National Insurance […]

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